Balls – We’ve got big balls and small balls – for your stag party. Hit them – Golf, Pitch & Putt and Hurling, kick them in Footgolf, 5-a-side and Gaelic Football or roll in them with Zorbing or Bubble Soccer. Have a mad afternoon for your stag party.



We have some of the best courses in the world here in Ireland from parkland courses to links courses. We’re not showing off but a certain World Number One golfer also comes from here. Test yourselves on your stag party. A good way to spend an afternoon with some other golf nuts.



Bubble Soccer

So here we go – it’s a cross between football and zorbing. Basically you wear a Zorb ball over your torso with only your feet free from about the knees down. Tackling people is mad craic because you can crash into and bounce off them. We’re not really sure if you can head the ball in bubble soccer but sure have a go anyway. Oh yeah, if it rains, you’re nice and dry. A good afternoon stag party activity all year round.



Pitch and Putt

You may not know or care but this sport was actually invented in County Cork in Ireland back in the 1930s. Pitch and Putt is what it sounds like – every hole (generally 18 but sometimes 9) is a short Par 3. You pitch to the green and then you putt. Very relaxing and enjoyable. Did it for my own stag party as it happens – great afternoon in the sun. To make it more interesting you can put a little money in the pot – lowest score, highest score, stupidest hat – hey whatever you want.




Good for a small stag group or you could have round robin matches with 3 or 4 teams. Settle old scores with your so called friends – do a Roy Keane on it, and get someone back for a tackle from your school days (20 years before). Everyone can play, everyone knows the rules and it’s good craic.




Relieve your misspent youth as you pot a few balls for a relaxing afternoon. Put some money on it to make it more interesting. Will you let the stag win to make him feel good about himself, nah we didn’t think so. Who is the Dennis Taylor or Ken Doherty of the group ?




One half football, one half golf – great craic. Play on a Pitch and Putt course, except no clubs and you use your leg instead, chip it (yeah we know what you’re thinking, how is a football going to fit in the hole, well they have made bigger ones, Ok ?). Play in pairs or on your own – a fantastic stag party activity.



Hurling/Gaelic Football

For your Irish stag party, try your hand at Hurling, one of the fastest ball sports in the world, this is one of our national sports – which we are very proud of. Or have a go at Gaelic Football, our other national sport, played nationwide every year from club to county level. There are 32 counties on the island of Ireland, which compete annually in the All Ireland Championships in both Hurling and Gaelic Football. If you get a chance to catch one of these games, be prepared to be amazed at skill levels of the players who play for the love of the game (amateur, in name only).




Ok, zorbing is being pushed down a slope in a large plastic air cushioned ball. Really really great craic, very enjoyable. Fly head over heels, you can do it on your own or in twos. A pretty different stag party activity.