Just something to get you away from the pub for a while. Look behind you, find a window, look out, yep that's the Outdoors. As long as you're not inside the pub, you're outdoors. Loads of things to do for your Irish Stag.



Fireman Training

The fella running this has been a fireman for over 30 years, so this is pretty real. You’ll learn some cool stuff about firefighting on your stag party. Something you’re not going to be doing every day




Well we rarely have any snow but there are great slopes here in Dublin and Cork to practice on. A really different activity for your stag. All the gear will be provided but you can bring your own silly hat if you like.




A great activity for a stag party that’s up for a challenge. Best done where everyone’s a novice, where there’s a level playing field. We’re working with a really great company who will show you the ropes (geddit ?). Real pros.



Tree Top Walk

You are mighty Tarzan of the Jungle, swinging through the trees along the tree top canopy walk. Finish with the adrenaline buzz of the climbing wall, some guys have the head for heights, some don’t. Then there’s the leap of faith and we’re not talking about the Stag getting hitched.




Your chance to act out all your fantasies (slow down, don’t get carried away with yourselves) and break out of a real prison. Really great activity for a stag party, solve the puzzles and complete some challenges to get the keys for your escape.




Get out in the fresh air, clear the head from the night before. No major physical challenge like jumping over things or swinging upside down, really the worst you might have to do is climb over a wall or walk around a sheep. Think you can handle that, welcome to hiking, a nice relaxing way to spend an afternoon with the lads on your stag party.




A day at the races. Very popular in Ireland, there are races all the time all year around. You’re sure to have the craic here on your stag party. A bit of advice, perhaps assign someone to the stag to see he doesn’t bet away the honeymoon spending money, otherwise you guys won’t be that popular, ever, with the bride to be be. Suits all round for the day, may as well look the part, might see some tasty fillies