Wheels – Get those wheels spinning for all you motorheads out there. We have tons of options for your Dublin stag party. So race on a track, on the dirt or in a forest with Mountain Biking.



It’s a classic stag party activity, really gets a group together in a competitive way. There’s going to be fellas (we all know them) who talk the talk but really they’re no good and then there’s the quiet guys, you need to watch these guys. The quiet fella will cut you off coming into a corner and all you’ll see is grass and rubber tyres as you spin out. Great activity for an afternoon. We love speed here at thedublinstagcompany.co.uk


Quad Biking

Here’s a chance to rip up some dirt tracks and really get the blood pumping. Overalls are provided so you don’t get the threads dirty. We love it wet here at thedublinstagcompany.co.uk, the wetter and dirtier the better. A popular activity for stag parties and not as serious/intense as Karting (in-a-kind-of “I’m gonna ram everyone off the road” way).


4x4 Off Roading

For your stag party have a spin around a specially designed course in a proper jeep. Firstly have a go with one of the instructors driving, then have a go yourselves. One for genuine motorheads !


Buggy Racing

Just so you know we’re talking a Kart with a roll bar on a dirt track. Great in the wet or the dry. Definitely more difficult (and dirty) in the wet, but even more fun. Slide it around the corners and throw in a few jumps too. A mad afternoon for a stag party.


Mountain biking

For lads on a stag party with plenty of energy. Get out on some quality mountain tracks. Tough on the uphills but worth it for the downhills. Everything provided – bikes, helmets etc



Why not combine 2 great activities for a busy stag afternoon. Karting first, flying around the track, trying to outrace your mates. Then have a go at Lasertrooper – outdoors, laser shootin’ game, no bruises, but no less fun ! A seriously mad afternoon.