a. Some people want to go for one night and some for two nights ?

Yep this is no problem, just let us know numbers for one night and numbers for two nights.


b. Do I have to book a whole package or can I book activities on their own ?

You can book activities on their own with, no problem at all. We would say though that we are confident that if you get separate prices yourself for a package, you still won’t get it for lower than our package price.


c. Why do I have to pay a booking deposit ?

When you make your booking, you will be asked to pay two people’s full payments. We require this deposit because when we then make a booking with our suppliers, they require a deposit from us. Suppliers need to take deposits to ensure that the booking is serious and to cover any loss that they might make in the event that someone cancels and they have turned away other potential bookings because at the time they were full.


d. Are there any extra charges ?

No there are no extra charges, no surprises.


e. I asked 20 people to go on the stag but I’m not sure they’ll all go ?

We recommend booking the maximum number that you think you think will go at the beginning of the process. If later on you get less, then you can always reduce


f. Are deposits refundable if I change my mind in relation to the booking ?

No deposits are non refundable.


g. How can I pay ?

You can pay by credit or debit card or through Paypal.


h. Can each person pay individually ?

No this is not possible, taking 20 or so separate payments does not work administratively for us.


i. When do we have to have the final balance paid ?

The final balance is payable at least 2 weeks before the Stag . As we know you understand, we have to pay our suppliers ourselves.


j. One of the fellas says he’s coming but he won’t pay me until the date ?

We cannot make bookings without payment, if you want to pay for him yourself and get money back from him later (although we wouldn’t recommend that you take this risk on yourself unless you know him really really well), that’s no problem.


k. What is the name of the Hotel ?

We know this is important to you when you’re booking, so we’ll let you know the name of the hotel before you book.


l. Can I eat in a Restaurant ?

Generally we find that groups of lads on stag parties prefer to eat casually in pubs, but if you fancy a full restaurant meal, that is absolutely no problem.


m. Do you have Terms and Conditions ?

Yes, we do, just check at the bottom of the page for the link.


n. Will there be someone from thedublinstagcompany.co.uk there at the Airport or Hotel to meet us ?

No there won’t but really you won’t need anyone, you will already have a detailed schedule, maps and contact numbers (24 Hour Stag Hotline) from us in advance. All sorted.


o. I want some more info about Dublin – getting here, pub opening hours, casinos, Police, ATMs, smoking, taxis ?

Yep try our informative Pointers Section – it’ll answer every question you have except “where do you find the pots of gold ? ”, we don’t know, stop asking us.


p. Will we ever hear from you again after the Stag Party ?

Well probably not. Do send us a postcard – that would be nice.