Tours - Get out and see the best of what Ireland has to offer on your stag party – from world class stadiums to TV show location tours. Visit some famous distilleries and breweries. There’s plenty to do to be sure, to be sure.



Aviva Stadium Tour

Get a tour around one of the most famous Stadiums in the world on your stag party – known as Lansdowne Road until it was redeveloped a few years back. This is the home of Irish Rugby and Soccer. See the players changing rooms, the tunnel, dugout and much more. C’mon Ireland !



Croke Park Tour

For your stag party visit the third largest stadium in Europe with a capacity of 82,300. This is the showpiece stadium of GAA which comprises the national sports of Hurling and Gaelic Football. You have an option on what tour to take – you can take a standard tour of the stadium seeing the changing rooms, visiting the museum and walking around the stadium learning about the sports. Or alternatively you can take the Skyline Tour which allows you access to a walkway (0.6km long) that crosses the top of the roof of the stadium (17 storeys high) getting views across Dublin while also learning of the history of the sport in Ireland.



Brewery Tour

Visit some of Ireland’s most famous breweries for your stag party. Get to see where how beer is created. From the wheat in the fields to fermenting in vast containers. Understand the different processes of how various beers are produced. Ah yes and then the good bit, the tasting.



Connemara Pub Tour

Take a trip around some of Connemara’s finest drinking establishments – think cosy little places with peat fires, sandwiches, good beer, maybe some whiskey. Meet local characters who will fill in the silence when you’re sitting next to “Tom” from the accounts department where the stag works. Seriously, though, a great way to spend a few hours, having someone drive you around pubs for an afternoon.



Distillery Tour

Ireland is the home of the best whiskey (in Irish – uisce beatha – water of life) in the world. For your stag party go on a tour of Ireland’s most famous distillery – see how whiskey is distilled 3 times, as opposed to most scotch whisky which is only distilled twice. To be sure you’ll have to taste some whiskey too.



Viking Splash Tour

Enjoy a trip around Dublin with a difference. Tour around in an amphibious vehicle on the roads and on the water. A really in-your-face tour – a really great laugh. Plus what you’ve dreamed about your whole life, the chance to dress up as a Viking on your stag party and roar your head off while being driven around in a big yellow bus.



Cliffs of Moher Tour

So if you’re near Ennis, you must take a boat trip to see the Cliffs of Moher for your stag party. See the cliffs close up as they tower 702ft above you, stretching for 5 miles along the County Clare coast. Nothing between here and the US of A.



Game of Thrones Tour

Games of Thrones is arguably the biggest TV Show in the world at the moment shown in dozens of countries across the globe. It’s filmed in studios and on location in Northern Ireland. Take a day trip for your stag party to visit some of the most iconic locations from Iron Islands Harbour, the Dark Hedges, and the Camp of Renly Baratheon. Also included in the tour is a visit to the world famous Giant’s Causeway and the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge.



Fr. Ted Tour

Ever wanted to see Fr Ted’s House for your stag party, well now’s your chance. Visit the Waterfall where the infamous Eurovision entry “My Lovely Horse” was filmed. Priests and Nuns outfits provided or perhaps you could dress as women for a “Lovely Girls” competition. Afterwards it’s off to the pub for a bread buttering competition.



Burren Tour

So you can’t think of anything to do on your stag. Why not go look at some rocks, some of the most interesting rocks in Europe. Ok, seriously this is a stag activity, possibly not for every group but extremely interesting all the same. The Burren is an area of limestone.