On the Water – Just in case you didn’t notice, Ireland is an island so there are plenty of opportunities for your stag party to get out/in/under the water. From surfing to the newest sport of stand up paddle boarding. Try kayaking or white water rafting. If you are feeling lazy, you could always go Powerboating, Fishing or take the Viking Splash Tour.




Look you don’t have to be an expert to do this, in fact, it’s better that no one has done it before, then everyone’s on a level playing field (sorry the sea). Wetsuits provided, surfing lets you see some of Ireland’s best beaches and catch some waves. Great for building up a hunger and a thirst for later on – one for a stag party bunch who aren’t afraid of a physical challenge.




A real physical challenge for a stag party, get out there on the water. Enjoy yourselves around the Irish shore. Probably make sure that everyone is a swimmer before you book this. Your shoulders will be wrecked later on, but not so bad that you can’t lift a pint, we hope !



White Water Rafting

A bit of teamwork required here on the stag party. You’re probably going to have more than one raft, so we think you should just put lads that know each other in the same raft. Wetsuits and life jackets provided, of course. A bit of an adrenaline rush and you’re going to have sore shoulders later on, but we reckon you’ll be able to lift a pint glass or two.



Viking Splash Tour

Enjoy a trip around Dublin with a difference for your stag party. Tour around in an amphibious vehicle on the roads and on the water. A really in-your-face tour – a really great laugh. Plus what you’ve dreamed about your whole life for your stag party, the chance to dress up as a Viking and roar your head off while driving around Dublin in a big yellow bus – mad.




So you know what kayaking is, but try it around the beautiful Irish coastline for classic stag party activity. Combine this with coasteering which basically is – jumping off cliffs at different heights (you choose) into the water, a real adrenaline buzz. Wetsuits included for this one, of course.



Stand Up Paddle Boarding

a real physical afternoon lies ahead if you choose this activity for your stag party in Dublin. A pretty new sport, really only took off in about 2005 in California. As the name suggests you stand on the board and paddle and you don’t necessarily have to be near breaking waves. So try something different, something new for your Stag.




We suggest that you try this before a big stag night out (we know this, sadly, and traumatically, from experience). Get out on a boat with the lads, wellies, shades, lines and rolling waves. Sing a few sea shanties and have a few tinnies (cans of beer) perhaps.



Dublin/Cork Bay Powerboat trip

Get out on the water for a chilled afternoon with the lads and a bit of fresh air to clear the head possibly from the stag night before. It’s a powerboat so no messing about with sails etc., you’re straight into it, a bit of speed.



Cliffs of Moher Tour

So if you’re near Ennis for your Stag, you must take a boat trip to see the Cliffs of Moher. See the cliffs close up as they tower 702ft above you, stretching for 5 miles along the County Clare coast. Nothing between here and the US of A.




Want to be like Jesus and walk on water ? I guess really it’s like zorbing on water except with more air cushions so you won’t sink. You run in a giant inflatable ball across water for your Irish Stag party. Mad craic.



Cable Wakeboarding

Want a real adrenalin rush for your stag ? Try cable wakeboarding. Similar to waterskiing except you're on one board. The cable part is that instead of being pulled behind a boat, you hold onto a line that slides along a zipwire overhead, so it's much more steady and therefore easier to get up. Sore arms afterwards, but we're sure you can lift that pint.