Something to get up to in the evening, rather than going straight to the pub. We have a good choice of things to keep you out of trouble on your stag party in Dublin. Go to the Dogs (greyhound racing), catch some Irish Music, back to your youth with Bowling and many more activities too.



Night at the Dogs

Greyhound racing, if you’ve never been, you should really give a go, perfect for a stag party. Stand out by the track or enjoy your pint looking out the window of the stadium overlooking the track. You can have a full sit down dinner here too if you want. Have a bet.



Casino Night

A really great activity for a stag night, even if you don’t win yourself, one of your buddies probably will. What’s your game ? Roulette, Blackjack or maybe the slots. Personally we love Roulette, so many different ways to lose money having fun, bet on red or black, odd or even numbers.




Brings us back to when we were young. A great game, play as individuals or in teams. Put on the funny red, white and blue shoes (never understood why you needed special shoes ourselves) and grab a ball. Get competitive, you know that some of the stag party will or just chill and don’t take it too seriously.



Pour your own Pint

Want to pour a pint like a pro on your stag. We call this an activity but it’s not really, just an excuse to start having pints earlier in the day. So lift the glass, tilt the glass – a bit of craic for the evening with the boys



Irish Music/Dance Show

Ever thought you might like to enjoy an evening where people leap around the place but never raise their arms above their waist – yep it’s Irish Dancing. For your Dublin stag party combine it with some Irish music and auld Irish singing and you’ve a great night ahead of you. Seriously this activity has consistently been voted one of the top 10 things to do in Dublin.



Comedy Club

Does what is says on the tin, enjoy an evening having a laugh with your mates. Really good choice of activity if you have no one funny on your stag – just pay someone else to be funny.



Irish Music Pub Session

Really great way to spend an evening on the stag particularly if it’s lashing (raining heavily) outside. Sit by the fire, perhaps join in with some songs about “how it used to be in the old days”. Pints, whiskies and a great laugh.



Irish Leprechaun Show

To be sure, to be sure enjoy an evening of stories from Ireland in olden times. If you’re lucky they might even let you bring a leprechaun with you on the stag party for the weekend – unfortunately not available for export (they have special scanners at the airport to make sure no leprechauns are taken out of the country).