Shootin It’s all about the guns. For your stag party go shooting – we’ve got plenty to offer you. Shoot at each other with Laser Tag and Paintball or go for targets with Clay Pigeon Shooting, Rifle Shooting or Archery.




Why not combine 2 great activities for a busy stag afternoon. Karting first, flying around the track, trying to outrace your mates. Then have a go at Lasertrooper – outdoors, laser shootin’ game, no bruises, but no less fun ! A seriously mad afternoon.




A top afternoon shootin’ awaits for your stag party. We have heard of groups bringing a photo of the future mother-in-law to be put up on the target but we couldn’t officially sanction that. So take aim, breathe and release.




This is a classic stag party activity and for good reason, running around a forest shooting at each other, sure it’s like being back at school. Now though you get more realistic guns you’re not just pretending with sticks. A real physical afternoon awaits and you’ll build up some thirst for later on.



Clay Pigeon Shooting

For lads who like to lord it. Pull, aim, fire. Good way to spend a stag party afternoon with the boys. So get your best tweeds on, hell bring your manservant if you like. And not an animal will be harmed.



Laser Tag

Great craic all round activity. Instead of paintballs hitting you, you have to wear a harness that when a laser is shot at it, buzzes and vibrates. You get so many lives and you have to complete some sort of mission. The moral dilemma, should you let the stag win on his stag party ? What kind of friends are you, of course not. So to make it extra tough on him, play “Hunt the Stag” which is as it sounds, give him a 30 second headstart and off ye go.



Rifle Shooting

A bit more serious than the other activities in this category, more intense. Have done this ourselves at and it’s a very good activity for a stag party afternoon. Breathe out and slowly squeeze the trigger, not good for anyone suffering from the shakes from the night before.