Getting to your Dublin Stag

Getting here couldn't be easier. There plenty of airports here from Dublin to Cork, Shannon, Belfast, Knock (near Galway) and Belfast. There's a pretty famous Irish airline flying here, maybe you heard of them Ryanair, also flying here are Aer Lingus, British Airways, Flybe and Easyjet. Only an hour or so flight time, and then you're here for your legendary Irish Stag weekend. Getting to your Dublin Stag is easy.

Here's a random photo of someone famous landing in Dublin Airport.


Ok, or the other way to get here (apart from swimming) is taking the ferry. Wait, wait actually not a bad option if you're living in Wales or north east England or south west Scotland. No messing about in the airport, you can have a few drinks on board, bag of chips or whatever else takes your fancy. Combine this with a train in the UK. Both ferry ports in Dublin are really close to the city centre. If you arrive into Dublin Port, you could actually walk into the city centre (don't worry though, we'll sort you with a bus). So as we said getting to your Dublin Stag is really that simple. Bring on Guinness and whiskey time in the best pubs in Ireland. See you in 2015.