Dublin Watersports Stag

So for 2015 we have so much on offer in Dublin as regards watersports. Dublin is on the coast and the famous River Liffey runs through it. So in Dublin Bay for your Irish stag you can go powerboating and do stand up paddle boarding. On the river you can do kayaking through the city (really unique way to see Dublin for your stag) and rafting. If you like the water but don't really want to get wet, then maybe the Viking Splash Tour is for you. Ever thought yep I'd like to be a viking for a day. Well put on a silly hat with horns like these guys below. 

Click here to get through to our Watersports page -thedublinstagcompany.co.uk/index.php/activities/on-the-water

Want to see what the weather will be like in Ireland (it might be sunny, you could be lucky,ah sure if it rains, you'll just have to go to the pub, you never know) - www.met.ie

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