Dublin Stag Night

Heading off on a stag in 2015. Pick the Irish capital for your Dublin stag night. Pubs everywhere from small cosy pubs in which to enjoy a Guinness or two on a wet afternoon, yep we apologise in advance it will rain, we're not Spain. There are also plenty larger more cosmopolitan bars. Dublin is full of tourists all year round and is good to visit any time of year. 

Hopefully you won't need the police when you're here but if you do, it'll be fine, they are friendly and helpful. Officially they are called the Gardai but everyone says the Guards. Call 999 if you are in trouble. 

Money matters ? To convert euro to sterling, just divide by 5 and multiply by 4, this will give you a rough estimate. Just to say taxis don't really take cards, so you'll need cash unless you have a HAILO cab account. Just be sure to go into your account and enable your account to be used in Ireland. www.hailoapp.com

Finally getting back to the start, if on your Dublin Stag night, you want to avoid pubs, here's an interesting challenge that James Joyce posed over a hundred years ago - Can you get across Dublin without passing a pub ? Some start computer guy has figured this out using Google maps and some other online tools.