So welcome to the very first blog. We’re experts at this sort of thing. We’ve run companies like this before, we know Dublin. We’re very excited today to launch our new site. We’re really buzzing as they say in Dublin (no we’re not on anything, well maybe a little Red Bull). Dublin is a really cracking city, big enough to have a mighty stag in but not so big that half the lads get lost.

We are professionals, no messin’ – you get all the information on the stag that you need. We’ll tell you the name of the hotel that you’re staying in from the beginning, nothing vague. You’ll know exactly what you’ll be getting on package. So if we tell you you’re staying in a specific hotel, then that’s where you staying (unless, of course, you want to upgrade). We do good deals with our suppliers, you can check you won’t be able to put together this package for cheaper than we do it.

So I think that’s it for today. Book now, click here, pick up that phone, ok, sorry we got a bit carried away. Talk later.