Dublin Stag Party 

So it's the 1st December, time to start thinking about the stag for next year for your mate. Why not go for a Dublin Stag Party ? 

We have so much lined up for the 2015 season in Dublin. Dublin is buzzing at the moment, so much going on. What recession ?  Sure the pubs are packed and the Guinness and whiskey is flowing again. Dublin is full of characters. So go with the flow, chat back. Well maybe not to her, she's quiet enough (the perfect woman) but she loves a photo op. Check her out at 3am some Saturday night in 2015 for your Dublin Stag Party, just try not to spill too many chips on her top, if you don't mind. The Molly Malone statue has actually moved (a digger and a few heavies, we're not talking moving statutes) and now she's outside the Dublin Tourist Office on Suffolk St www.visitdublin.com

 So as the song goes, get out your auld wheel barrow, where the streets are broad and narrow - crying "Colin, COLLLLINNNNNNNNNN"  (stags name, for best effect, say it like you're doing a football chant. So 2015 Dublin Stag Party is where's it's at - for good times.