So before your massive Dublin Stag, we were thinking that perhaps you might want to get you ear in about some Dublin slang words.

So here we go.

Are ye headin’– are you leaving now ?

Away in the head – mad person i.e. Ah sure, she’s away in the head

Don’t be actin’ the maggot – don’t be causing trouble

Go on outta that – dismissive response, when someone is making something up, disbelief

Movin’ like the clappers – going very fast i.e. he was movin’ like the clappers

How’s the form ? – How are you doing ?

How’s the talent ? – Is there anyone good looking/interesting around ?

On the piss – going out for a fair few drinks

Polluted – very very drunk

Langers – very very drunk

Slaughtered – very very drunk

Plastered – very very drunk

Ok, you get the idea, we could go on but we won’t. Check out this short youtube clip just to get your Dublin accent