So what to do in Dublin for your Irish Stag. Well if sport is your thing, then you’ve come to the right spot. Check out our national sports of Hurling or Gaelic Football – get to a game or try it yourself (see Ball Sports in our Activities page). Gaelic Football and Hurling matches are now shown on Sky Sports. Or perhaps you might like to visit the third largest stadium in Europe – Croke Park, headquarters of the GAA (the governing body for Hurling and Gaelic, you can drop the word football if you want, everyone will understand you). If rugby or soccer is more your thing, go for a tour of the Aviva Stadium, which is the newly constructed stadium at Lansdowne Road. Hey there are plenty of other sports you can try – we’ve got kayaking through the City, Rafting, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, 5-a-Side football or footgolf (a fun cross between soccer and golf) and more.