Dublin Stag Party 

So it's the 1st December, time to start thinking about the stag for next year for your mate. Why not go for a Dublin Stag Party ? 

We have so much lined up for the 2015 season in Dublin. Dublin is buzzing at the moment, so much going on. What recession ?  Sure the pubs are packed and the Guinness and whiskey is flowing again. Dublin is full of characters. So go with the flow, chat back. Well maybe not to her, she's quiet enough (the perfect woman) but she loves a photo op. Check her out at 3am some Saturday night in 2015 for your Dublin Stag Party, just try not to spill too many chips on her top, if you don't mind. The Molly Malone statue has actually moved (a digger and a few heavies, we're not talking moving statutes) and now she's outside the Dublin Tourist Office on Suffolk St www.visitdublin.com

 So as the song goes, get out your auld wheel barrow, where the streets are broad and narrow - crying "Colin, COLLLLINNNNNNNNNN"  (stags name, for best effect, say it like you're doing a football chant. So 2015 Dublin Stag Party is where's it's at - for good times. 


So welcome to the very first thedublinstagcompany.co.uk blog. We’re experts at this sort of thing. We’ve run companies like this before, we know Dublin. We’re very excited today to launch our new site. We’re really buzzing as they say in Dublin (no we’re not on anything, well maybe a little Red Bull). Dublin is a really cracking city, big enough to have a mighty stag in but not so big that half the lads get lost.

We are professionals, no messin’ – you get all the information on the stag that you need. We’ll tell you the name of the hotel that you’re staying in from the beginning, nothing vague. You’ll know exactly what you’ll be getting on thedublinstagcompany.co.uk package. So if we tell you you’re staying in a specific hotel, then that’s where you staying (unless, of course, you want to upgrade). We do good deals with our suppliers, you can check you won’t be able to put together this package for cheaper than we do it.

So I think that’s it for today. Book now, click here, pick up that phone, ok, sorry we got a bit carried away. Talk later.

So what to do in Dublin for your Irish Stag. Well if sport is your thing, then you’ve come to the right spot. Check out our national sports of Hurling or Gaelic Football – get to a game or try it yourself (see Ball Sports in our Activities page). Gaelic Football and Hurling matches are now shown on Sky Sports. Or perhaps you might like to visit the third largest stadium in Europe – Croke Park, headquarters of the GAA (the governing body for Hurling and Gaelic, you can drop the word football if you want, everyone will understand you). If rugby or soccer is more your thing, go for a tour of the Aviva Stadium, which is the newly constructed stadium at Lansdowne Road. Hey there are plenty of other sports you can try – we’ve got kayaking through the City, Rafting, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, 5-a-Side football or footgolf (a fun cross between soccer and golf) and more.

So before your massive Dublin Stag, we were thinking that perhaps you might want to get you ear in about some Dublin slang words.

So here we go.

Are ye headin’– are you leaving now ?

Away in the head – mad person i.e. Ah sure, she’s away in the head

Don’t be actin’ the maggot – don’t be causing trouble

So Dublin is really easy to get to from the UK, you can fly here from 29 airports all across the UK. Once you land, we’ve got you sorted, there’ll be a special stag party bus there to collect you and bring you straight into the city, it only takes about a half hour. Or you can take the ferry, we’ve done it here ourselves before (to Wales) and it’s a great way to start a stag with a few scoops (pints) on the high seas (you might check the forecast first though). There is a free travel zone between Ireland and the UK so in theory you don’t need a passport but in reality you must produce Identification. Just in case your driving licence is out of date or doesn’t look right, it’s better to bring your passport – wouldn’t be a great start for the stag, being refused entry.