Dublin Watersports Stag

So for 2015 we have so much on offer in Dublin as regards watersports. Dublin is on the coast and the famous River Liffey runs through it. So in Dublin Bay for your Irish stag you can go powerboating and do stand up paddle boarding. On the river you can do kayaking through the city (really unique way to see Dublin for your stag) and rafting. If you like the water but don't really want to get wet, then maybe the Viking Splash Tour is for you. Ever thought yep I'd like to be a viking for a day. Well put on a silly hat with horns like these guys below. 

Click here to get through to our Watersports page -thedublinstagcompany.co.uk/index.php/activities/on-the-water

Want to see what the weather will be like in Ireland (it might be sunny, you could be lucky,ah sure if it rains, you'll just have to go to the pub, you never know) - www.met.ie

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Hurling in Dublin 

So for your Dublin stag weekend, why not try something uniquely Irish - have a go at Hurling, one of the fastest ball sports in the world. The GAA (Gaelic Athletic Assocication) governs our national sports - www.gaa.ie We are working with partners in Dublin who will teach you the basics of this mesmerising sport over 2 hours in a fun way. With top intercounty players the ball ball (about the size of a tennis ball) moves in excess of 70mph. 

Hurling in Dublin can also be experienced by going to a games, perhaps in Croke Park, the third largest stadium in Europe, not bad for an amateur organisation, that's right, nobody is paid - players, managers, refs. So enjoy something different, something truly Irish on your Dublin Stag.

Getting to your Dublin Stag

Getting here couldn't be easier. There plenty of airports here from Dublin www.dublinairport.com to Cork, Shannon, Belfast, Knock (near Galway) and Belfast. There's a pretty famous Irish airline flying here, maybe you heard of them Ryanair www.ryanair.com, also flying here are Aer Lingus, British Airways, Flybe and Easyjet. Only an hour or so flight time, and then you're here for your legendary Irish Stag weekend. Getting to your Dublin Stag is easy.

Here's a random photo of someone famous landing in Dublin Airport.


Ok, or the other way to get here (apart from swimming) is taking the ferry. Wait, wait actually not a bad option if you're living in Wales or north east England or south west Scotland. No messing about in the airport, you can have a few drinks on board, bag of chips or whatever else takes your fancy. Combine this with a train in the UK. Both ferry ports in Dublin are really close to the city centre. If you arrive into Dublin Port, you could actually walk into the city centre (don't worry though, we'll sort you with a bus). So as we said getting to your Dublin Stag is really that simple. Bring on Guinness and whiskey time in the best pubs in Ireland. See you in 2015. 

Dublin Guinness Storehouse Stag

So why not visit the Guinness Storehouse www.guinness-storehouse.com when you're in town, have a pint (included in the tour) while you're at it. Brewing at the same location for over 250 years, it's a perfect activity for a stag weekend in Dublin (at least it'll keep you out of the pub, kind of). That's it, head on down to the Dublin Guinness Storehouse Stag. 

St. James' Gate. Guinness is actually brewed in other locations around the world now - Africa, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Jamaica to name but a few. Anyway this is where it all started. So for good start to your Irish Stag - go on the Dublin Guinness Storehouse Stag tour for 2015. 

Jameson Whiskey Dublin Stag Tour

So for your Dublin Stag Party for 2015 visit the Jameson Whiskey Distillery. in the heart of old Dublin this is a really popular place to visit. What better place to visit on your Stag than a whiskey distillery. Irish whiskey is different to Scotch whisky as it's distilled 3 times as opposed to twice in Scotland, so that makes the Irish whiskey smoother. With thedublinstagcompany.co.uk take a Jameson Whiskey Dublin Stag Tour. This tour is on during the daytime in the Jameson Distillery in Smithfield. 

If you don't want to go on a Jameson Whiskey Dublin Stag Tour, the whole tour thing, then you can go whiskey tasting in a relaxing pub during the day or at night. For more info check out our Food and Drink Page. Have a look at Jameson our site here - www.jamesonwhiskey.com